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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Top 5: Underwear

Black velvet cut out body~Topshop~£35
Light green soft bra~H&M~£7.99
Retro style paneled briefs~Asos Marketplace~£23
Navy sheer floral briefs~New Look~£2.99
Handmade floral bra~Malomyszka (Etsy)~£16

I chose these top five underwear based on a few things. Aesthetics, comfort and cost. I also checked the availability of the items and if they ship to the UK etc. I love underwear that's floral, hence that 3/5 of the pieces are smothered in flowers. Black underwear is a must have for anyone and I love Topshop's take on the body suit/leotard, velvet and backless are two words that will always make my heart melt. Etsy is always really great for getting handcrafted, unique items, I spent hours searching for the perfect bra and the halter neck one (shown above) I fell in love with. All of the underwear featured are made with comfortable and smooth fabrics that won't cause you to itch or readjust yourself every few minutes. 

Always buy underwear for yourself, if you think something will make you feel it!

Bethan x

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