Tuesday, 25 August 2015

OOTD: Fire Station

Blouse~Larmoni/ Pinafore~Primark/Socks~Vintage/Skates~Amazon

Hey there my loves!

Well it has been a bit of a red day today...as you can probably tell. A few weeks ago I noticed the old-fashioned looking fire station in my town and thought that I just had to take a few snaps there. It was also a great chance to try and start rollerskating, a wonderful gift from my sister. Although, I could barely move whilst wearing them and looked terrified half of the time, it was still fun to try them out and I am determined to get better!
This little blouse is the new love of my life, as is the shop that I got it from: Larmoni. It is filled with treats and girly galore and I am going to pick up a few more pieces from there after payday.

I am off on holiday next Friday, for two whole weeks. I can hardly wait! I will be up in the mountains, so hopefully I will be able to get a few nice pics.

Hope your August has been lovely, Autumn is drawing ever closer :)

Lots of Love

Saturday, 22 August 2015

August Favourites

Marc Jacobs limited edition Pink Honey- It may come as no surprise that I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances. I have collected a fair few of them in the last few years and this delicious sweet Honey scent has crept its way up to my favourites. I have been using it a lot for work, as it is long lasting and the cute bottle fits right in my bag.

Ellie Saab La Parfum- As a newbie to all things Saab, I was skeptical about delving into a new brand of scent, but I am glad I did. Although, the smell is rather old ladyish....I am loving spraying it in the corners of my room. The jasmine undertones leave a woody and floral aroma and have left my room smelling fresh and fruity. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream- I understand the hype of this scent and the bottle is just beautiful. This has been the perfect blend of feminine and dreamy (hence the name) and has been my number one friend this month!

Dior Vernis polishes- Oh my goodness, I never knew the meaning of 'Dior darling' until I was gifted this beautiful little set of polish and gel coat. I'm not one for brands or beauty in general, but I could really notice the difference between the higher end product and my usual 60 seconds to dry quick coat! I would definitely suggest splurging on the gel coat, I have been wearing shade Rouge 999 for five days and so far no chips; none!

Rimmel by Kate Nude Collection in 48- Always a huge admirer of all of Kate Moss's lipsticks for Rimmel, I picked up new number 48 and have been addicted ever since. It's smooth, soft and a bit vampy; but also not too much that you look like a bat out of hell on a summers day. 

Charlott Tilbury lipstick in So Marilyn- My current go-to red lipstick this month has been this beauty from Charlotte Tilbury, I love the shape of the bullet, it is so easy to apply and is the perfect shade of crimson.

Topshop Ghillie Lace up flats-  These are on the more comfortable side of all the Ghillie shoes I have seen knocking about, I have been absolutely smitten with these, since I bought them earlier this month and can't seem to find anything they don't go with. Which is wonderful.

Topshop Velvet trim lace dress- Okay, so I may have been a bit naughty and gone on a Topshop spree this month, but I fell in love with this dress at first sight. High-neck, Victorian influences, velvet and lace...what more could a girl ask for. The sleeves are so perfect as well, I love magical sleeves. 
Sanctuary White Lily & Damask Rose body butter- Everything is coming up roses with this butter, it smells divine and has great coverage. I feel like I am smothering myself in a whole bush of old-fashioned roses and a bouquet of wild lilies... but without the thorns. 

Soap And Glory Breakfast Scrub- When I first was recommended this, by a dear friend, I thought the idea of smelling like a bowl of oatmeal and honey was bizarre. But, as it turns out, this is now my daily scrub and my all time favourite. If you have desperately dry skin, like me and are looking for an inexpensive and delightful smelling way to do so; then I would say 100% go for this.

Burt's Bees Repair hand cream- Filled to the brim with shea butter and natural goodness, this has saved my hands whilst working practically everyday this summer. Although, I am not too keen of the smell, I have seen a huge difference in the texture of my skin, especially on my palms and fingers. 

Lush Let the good times roll cleanser- I have been very into scrubs recently and seeing as my skin reacts to nearly everything, I felt very lucky to have found a cleanser that doesn't. Good ole' Lush! It's very gentle and smells like popcorn and cinnamon and it gives your whole face a lovely glow.  

What have your favourites been this summer? 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Snippets Of The Pale Female's Room


As with most people I'm sure, a bedroom is your own little haven. A sqaure shaped room ( in most cases), filled with all the bits and bobs that make you feel at home.
I moved out of my family home  when I was 18 and moved up to London on my own. I am a real hoarder and so over the past six years since moving to the big city, I have collected numerous things that make my little abode shape into a room of things I love.
I started off with two big bags and a guitar and have ended up with a chaise lounge, baskets of dried flowers and about a million tiny mirrors.

Things that make me the most happy in my room:
  1. Plants- they breathe life into the room and just look so darn beautiful.
  2. Fairy lights-I love turning them on in the evenings and watching my room glow pink.
  3. Clothes Rail- Seeing everything hanging up in the cosy corner always makes me feel privileged to have collected some really lovely pieces-at least in my eyes :)
  4. Bed- It goes without saying that everybody loves to chill out in clean sheets at the end of a long day.
I love having a little peak at other people's rooms, tour videos are one of my favoruties. So I thought I would try out a little version of my own. Of course there are things I would like to change about my bedroom, currently all of my books are sitting on shelves in the hall and my shoes are misarrayed around the kitchen, stairs and landing...so there is always room for change. I also need to get my desk and inspiration board into gear, but, all in all I love spending time in my own little space.

What do you love most about your bedroom?

P.S I apologise for the severe lack of hoovering in these pictures. Just don't look into the blue abyss of the carpet!

Lots of love always

Monday, 6 July 2015

Country Weekends

Hat~Vintage/ Skirt~H&M/ Socks~Primark/Top~Beyond Retro

Hey Darlings!

What a warm, sticky and sunny few weeks it has been, especially in London! Although this weather is divine, I felt it best spent in the country by the sea, rather than in the city. So, I went to visit my parents in Devon and what a lovely weekend it was. Trips to the ocean, eating fresh prawns and watching the sunset over the harbour. I really treasure my summer weekends in Devon and I wish I could go back there more often. I am definitely going to try my upmost to do so this summer, despite working like a maniac most of the time!

I didn't bring a lot of clothes with me, so my lovely sister lent me this beautiful sequin top from Beyond Retro. Although, I must say it looks a lot more dashing on her. I am currently living in this H&M suede skirt, it seems to pair just right with most of my outfits.

In other news my holiday to India is nearly booked, I am prepping a market stall for summer and I am planning on filming a room tour this week! Fingers crossed all of these things happen :)

Until next time....lots of love

Saturday, 13 June 2015

OOTD: Denim & Pink

Jumper~Topshop/ Pinafore~ Mod Dolly/ Bag~ SunJellies/ Socks~Primark/ Shoes~JuJu

Hello my darlings!

Just a quick outfit post and cheeky update!
I have been away for a while doing this and that, but am finally back into being excited about blogging. Every since my birthday last month I have been trying to bring as much colour into my outfits as possible. As a sort of salute to the next 10 years of my life, where I feel I will still be wearing these little, girly outfits.
When I saw the previews for this Mod Dolly pinafore, I literally couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The heart pockets are my favourite part, pockets are the key to everything! Trust me.
I had been having a bit of a Britney music marathon this morning, hence the hairstyle inspiration.

As usual my jellies are out for June and what better way to enhance this years' jelly vibe, with a matching bag from SunJellies. Pink too, of course!

I can't wait until the weather is less humid and sticky, it's been driving me mad this week! This year really is just soaring by!

Hope you have all been enjoying the first few weeks of June :)

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