Saturday, 27 September 2014

Autumn Leaves & Nautical Sleeves

Playsuit~Asos/ Pearls~Vintage / Tights~Topshop/Shoes~Topshop/Bag~Tiger

Hello lovelies,

Eek, I am so excited that all of  the leaves are changing colour and soon enough there will be plenty of beautiful Autumn leaves to tread and crunch through. Which is honestly one of my favourite past times of, well....all time!
I just love autumn, the colours especially of berries, trees, coats and hats.
So in my previous post I mentioned that I bought two identical playsuits from Asos, but in different colours. So this is of course the blue one, with more typical nautical colours. I love the bib and little tie up ribbon and think it is perfect for this coming season.

What are you going to be wearing this Autumn?

Lots of love


Sunday, 21 September 2014

The End Of Summer

Flower Crown~Primark/Playsuit~asos/ Skirt~Primark/Bag~Vintage

 Good afternoon my loves <3 ,
I cannot believe I haven't done a post in so long, especially an outfit post. Even though I have neglected my blog these last few months (something I feel terrible about), it's never too late to come back and try and refill The Pale Female with all the love I really want to give it.
I won't bore you with my mundane reasons for my absence, but instead I will look at the positives.
So let's talk good things....
Well I recently moved house and am over the moon in my new place. I am almost at the stage where I am tempted to do a room tour, just need to add a few finishing touched and then I will be able to show you guys some bits and bobs.
I have also been generally getting back into the creative swing of things, including lots of writing and DIYS.
Oh and my favourite season is nearly upon us, I just love autumn so much :)
Just a few things about my outfit, I am so in love with my new playsuit from asos in the sale. So much so that I purchased it in both pink and blue. The blue I will surely feature in a post soon,
I am really into PVC and fluff at the moment, so when I got this skirt from Primark I decided to stick a load of fluff to the bottom; to make it even more perfect.

Thanks to those of you that have continued to support my blog in my absence, I appreciate it more than I can jot down in words.

Speak soon


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

DIY: Fluffy Bag

Hello sweets, another little DIY for you today. I am a lover of all things fluffy, especially when it comes to accessories and so I decided to try making something of my own. I am also hoping to decorate my socks and earrings in the near future, but for now here is how I made this bag covered in fluff stuff :)
What You Need:
-Small, nice shaped bag 
-Metre or so of fluff
-Glue Gun
-Pom Poms, or other decorations
-Draw stripes with the glue gun down one side of the bag.
-Press the fluff down, following the zig-zag pattern of the glue
-Cut the fluff in place, when one side has been covered
-Repeat on the other side
-Glue along the remaining unfluffed up parts of the bag and add any sort of decoration you like. I chose pom poms because I think they went together with the overall look of the bag,
Now you should have a very fluffy and very sweet little bag, to pop in your essentials on the last remaining summer days.
I will be posting lots more soon, I have just had lots and lots of busy times the past few weeks. But will be back on track ever so soon.

Lots of Love

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Wheat Fields & PVC Pink

Jumper~Topshop (Sale)/Skirt~Topshop(Sale)/Bag~River Island/Shoes & Socks ~Topshop

Hello my loves,
Having taken a well needed holiday from work I was finally able to take a little trip to visit my parents in Devon. I am always amazed at the difference between the countryside and city life and having flicked between the both for the past five or so years, I have become accustom to loving them both.
So I picked my most pink and girly outfit to go running through fields and pose by my dream car. I was trying to channel a sort of Legally Blonde vibe, as I re watched the film recently and fell back in love with Elle's style. I just love her over the top, yet care free outfits.
I delved into the sales recently, it seems everywhere has such pretty things at a fraction of the original price. Topshop I was especially pleased with and the majority of my outfit stemmed from the reduced racks. This fluffy bag is so much fun and I will be doing a DIY post soon on how to create your own replica of this River Island one.
This summer I plan to wear many more ensembles in just one colour, I think it is my new found hobby,

Did anyone else get any bargains in the high street sales?

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