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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tuesday's style icon #1: Kate Bush

Here is a new little feature on my blog. Every Tuesday I will choose someone who's style I admire and who I get my inspiration from. Plus I will be adding some 'get the look' type extras and reasons why these people are just so great!

Kate Bush #1 

Three ways to describe her style : Innovative, Eccentric, Fashion-forward

Kate Bush has always been ahead of her time, her crazy,unique and beautiful fashion sense has made her an icon of mine since I was about 6. She is fearless, always contemporary, independent and admirable and I am so happy to have her up as the first style icon.

Get the Bush look

White lace dress~Topshop~£50
Khaki shirt~eBay~£11.97
Corduroy shorts~River Island~£15
Frill neck silk dress~Urban Outfitters~£325 (Well one can dream)

Favourite Ever Look

Stay tuned for next week's icon....

Bethan x

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