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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fields Of Folk

Dress~Topshop/ Shoes~Topshop

Hello again loves!

Sorry for the overload of Turkey pics recently, the scenery was just so beautiful; I couldn't resist. I fell for this dress in Topshop a few months ago and although it was a little on the pricey side, I thought it would be perfect for holiday. As I expected the dress was perfect, light and airy and the sleeves are ever so dreamy. 
I love walking a lot and being able to stroll through the mountains and be surrounded by farms and cacti, was a real moment of content for me. It's always wonderful to be able to skip alongside nature. Barely any cars or noise and the simplicity of small things you would never find in a city; that's what made me so cheery!

Autumn has officially arrived, I even saw a couple of conkers knocking around a few alleyways this week. I can't wait to start wearing all of my cosy coats :)

Lots of Love 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mountains & Ruins

Hat~Primark/ Dress~H&M/ Shoes~Topshop

Hello loves!

Oh my, I have just come back from the most wonderful holiday to Turkey. Two weeks up in the mountains, swimming in the bluest of seas and eating wonderful fresh fruit and even blue crab!
Despite me looking a little bit moody in these pics, I actually had a truly special, magical little time up there and was terribly sad to come back to grey old England. But nevertheless, it has made me want to travel a lot more and I cannot wait to do so.
I wore this H&M dress to death whilst I was there, even in 40 degree heat it still kept me cool. Also, despite my best efforts and the sun beaming everyday, I still came back as pale as a ghost. But I guess that's what smothering lashings of factor 50 and sitting in the shade will do to a pale person :)

Hope you are all well and enjoying the newly Autumn season, my favourite!

Lots of Love