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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Embracing your late 20s

The limbo era
It's no secret that gaining another year of age gets that little bit more daunting as you get that bit older. Gone are the days when turning 18 and 21 were these mighty milestones that you couldn't wait to grow towards. When I hit 26 I suddenly realised that I was closer to 30 than I was to a teenager and that left me with an almost sinking feeling and brought up thoughts and worries of where the time had gone and what on earth I was doing with my current self.  But it also made me realise that you definitely gain wisdom as you gain years and there are so many positives to this time in my life I call the 'limbo era'. 
I'm at an age where I still get asked for ID whilst buying tobacco, but also sometimes feel like I'm being side glanced by 17 year olds whilst picking up the same items as them in Urban Outfitters. It's hard to find a balance and know which age-group to slot into- which is silly because the reality is you really don't need to make a decision at all! But there are definitely some days that I feel like I'm on a see-saw and that is okay too, I always come back down and find a nest of my own eventually.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
This May I turn 27, an age associated with many connotations, stories and opinions. When I see that written down it sounds crazy, because it also feels like I was 18 only a couple of years ago. Is it just me?
But the truth is, it is actually all good. So for those days that I feel a little fragile, I decided to write a post of all the wonderful things about your late 20s.

Firstly there is a lot less drama. There is a lyric by one of my favourite bands The Growlers, that says 'Look back about the things you used to care about and now they're so insignificant'. This rings so true with me. I feel like all of the copious conundrums and my days of making mountains out of molehills are definitely over. Everything seems calmer and if there is a hiccup, it is nice to have had the experiences to help you deal with them in a much easier way. Also everyone around you is a lot more kind and caring.

Which brings me to my next point, every single one of your friendships is wonderful. The last couple of years I have grown closer to my lovely pals, friends of old and friends of new- connecting to people is much more natural and magical at this age. This goes for family too, it is almost like you are meeting them for the first time again. I have always been close to my family, but it is a different kind of connection, a harmonious and liberated one.

You feel a lot more settled. Not just in the cases of relationships, jobs, babies etc, but you generally feel a lot more at home within yourself. I may not have the perfect job, I've moved around a lot and haven't done anything with my degree- but I gained a lot of confidence, after being so so shy for such a number of years and I feel that just general growing up and trying to give myself little challenges played a massive part in that.

Education doesn't end at school. There is always something new to learn every day, always new books to read and people with stories to meet. Also the desire to self-educate and gain knowledge of literally whatever you are interested in, just seems to blossom.

Onwards and Upwards

This wonderful gypsy caravan was built by a lovely man that Mum and I met whilst driving through the countryside a couple of weeks ago. The man had made his home completely from scratch, he talked about how he wished he had done it years earlier when his strength was better and he had realised what he wanted and to really embrace every second we have. We spoke for a while, as the winter sun dappled light over our faces and I asked him if I could take some pictures in front of the wagon. Something I definitely wouldn't have done a year or so ago. But I am really glad I did. 

So even though my fringe is smothered with little grey hairs and I do often panic about getting older, I am actually very thankful to this age, all that it entails and all who are on the same adventure with me.

Lots of love always