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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pink Kimono

Flower Crown~Roses & Clementines
Kimono~Charity Shop
Dress~Rokit Vintage

Hello hello! I had a particularly pink day today, as you can probably tell. Not a colour I wear a lot, but one I am trying to branch into a bit more with my current outfits. I got to wear this lovely kimono, that my mum bought me for graduation. It was so light and super silky to wear on a warm city day like today. I felt like I had big patterned wings whilst walking into town to get some lunch! I also sported my most favourite of headbands today, from the lovely shop Roses & Clementines, it was great to mix lots of pinky shades and feel really girly on a weekday. 
I am currently planning another little giveaway, which will hopefully be up in the next few weeks. Just as a big thank you for all your lovely comments and also because I have a lot of bits and bobs that I can't wait to give away! 

Hope everyone's bank holiday weekend was great, mine was very relaxing and brimming with snacks and books (as always)! 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Pom Poms & Embroidery


Hello beauties!
At long last an animal is being featured in one of my posts, a cat to be precise! I have been staying at my boyfriend's for the past week or so, watching lots of early 90's programmes and eating hot vegetable soup with crusty rolls. So, this is his cat Dizzy and he is one big furry, charismatic feline.
I was thrilled to find this Topshop dress in the sale for £10 a few days ago. I was really contemplating getting it at full price last month, but I am so glad I waited a little while and saved a few extra pounds. The embroidery is beautiful and the white and blue compliment each other perfectly. I have lost count of how many blue dresses I own, but this one was definitely a necessary purchase. I pinned in a pair of big silver earrings, I just felt that I hadn't worn any of my big accessories for such a long time. These new Primark shoes are great and I have been wearing nothing but them since I got them. Oh and the DIY socks I threw on because my feet were a bit chilly and for good measure.

Have you picked up any good Sale items recently?

Monday, 12 August 2013

Tartan, Pearls, Velvet, Lace

Pearl Top~Ever Ours
Lace Collar~Photostorming giveaway
Tartan Pinafore~Mod Dolly

Hey sweets!  Another Monday has come back around and I have had a busy week sorting through clutter. My best friend and I have decided that we just have too many things and so we have decided to do something about it. We were having a huge clear out in our flat recently and discovered so many treasures we had completely forgotten about. I never knew how many balloons, kimonos and hand creams I owned and just how little I had been using them. So, yes we are going to be putting on a huge market stall as soon as we are sorted, so exciting! Hopefully in either Portobello road or Spitalfields market and we will be selling all sorts, from clothes and bags, to our handmade soap and socks. I will be sure to keep you informed, incase any of you want to come down there.
 I'm back to blogging more regularly now and the outfit above was taken by my beautiful sister this afternoon. Apologies for the moody photos, all the smiley ones seemed to be blurry!
 I wore my Ever Ours top, which I have been meaning to feature for a while. I adore its velvety fabric and the pearls that are so scattered and pretty. I love this brand and they have some really nice smock type dresses I have had my eye on recently. I wore my Mod Dolly tartan pinafore over the top, to mix up the patterns and textures, a new hobby of mine. Pinafores are still my favourite item this season and this is my most loved from my wardrobe collection. 

What has your favourite Spring/Summer item been?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Speak soon...

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Walk In The Woods & My Beautiful Giveaway Presents


Hello my loves! Sorry for my brief absence, I have been busy graduating and spending time with my nearest and dearest. Also my lovely sister, who usually takes my pictures has been away for a while, so my boyfriend had to jump in and take these for me today.
We went for a nice long walk in the woods today, catching up and enjoying the beginning of August. I wore my newest dress, I seem to wear nothing but long dresses these days. It was a delightful find on ebay and I am so happy with the length and kept jumping around in it and skipping through the woodland bits (much to the onlookers and dog walkers surprise). I had been looking for a dress to channel 'Picnic at hanging rock' and 'Secret Garden' vibes and I think I have finally found it!
Also my new little house bag from Tiger is my favourite purchase of last month. It is perfect for storing snacks, a book and my camera and I was glad to take it on a walk today. If you haven't been into Tiger I would definitely recommend going, it has loads of amazing quirky bits and it is really cheap too.
Last but not least on the catch up list, I recently won the most perfect giveaway from PhotoStorming blog. Full of lace, postcards, ribbon and a pin it was the most delicate and lovely package I have ever received. I have been following Deniz's blog for a while and admired her photography, so I was so happy to have won the giveaway from one of my favourite blogs.

Sorry for a long old post, I will be back to posting normally as of this week I promise.

How has everyone's August been so far?