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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Pom Poms & Embroidery


Hello beauties!
At long last an animal is being featured in one of my posts, a cat to be precise! I have been staying at my boyfriend's for the past week or so, watching lots of early 90's programmes and eating hot vegetable soup with crusty rolls. So, this is his cat Dizzy and he is one big furry, charismatic feline.
I was thrilled to find this Topshop dress in the sale for £10 a few days ago. I was really contemplating getting it at full price last month, but I am so glad I waited a little while and saved a few extra pounds. The embroidery is beautiful and the white and blue compliment each other perfectly. I have lost count of how many blue dresses I own, but this one was definitely a necessary purchase. I pinned in a pair of big silver earrings, I just felt that I hadn't worn any of my big accessories for such a long time. These new Primark shoes are great and I have been wearing nothing but them since I got them. Oh and the DIY socks I threw on because my feet were a bit chilly and for good measure.

Have you picked up any good Sale items recently?


  1. Dress is gorgeous and Dizzy is adorable! Love the name. Also your fringe is great. How long have you had it? I'm contemplating getting one.

    Currently giving away MAC's listick Ruby Woo on my blog if you want to check it out? :) ♥

  2. Gorgeous dress! And cute cat :-) x

  3. That dress is such a good find, Bethan! And it looks lovely on you, of course! It sounds like you've had a really relaxing week (early 90's programmes, yay!) and any place with a cat is a good place to be in my opinion, hehe.

    I recently bought a dress for $15 in the Modcloth Last Hurrah sale. I'm still waiting for it to arrive - hoping I won't get a massive customs charge on top of it!

    Cara xoxo

  4. Love your dress its amazing! Dizzy looks cute too :)
    Meg xx
    ps you have a new follower

  5. This dress is gorgeous. The colour and embroidery is very pretty. I haven't shopped in a rather long time so no I haven't picked up any sales item :(


  6. Absolutely stunning dress! Divine!

    I just thought I'd leave a little comment to let you know I have nominated you for a Liebster Award

    Have a great weekend x