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Monday, 31 December 2012

The Pale Female's 2012 outfits

The last day of the year, so exciting! I decided to jump on the band wagon and do a 2012 outfits post, as I think it is always really interesting to see how your own style changes over time!
I have had a really lovely year and I am hoping that next year will be just as great. Although I am very new to the blogging world I am very happy to be a part of it and I hope my little blog can develop into something I am really proud of.

Hope you all have a lovely new year!

Bethan x

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Snaps

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely day however you spent it and that you got in to the festive spirit. I'm going to have a little look at the sales tomorrow but the likely hood is that I will no longer be able to fit into anything after the amount I ate today. It should be illegal to eat that much in one sitting!
Oh well, new year soon and a lot more to look forward to for the coming year.

Bethan x

Monday, 24 December 2012

OOTD: A Cat Pocket Prize

 A couple of weeks ago I entered the lovely Paige Joanna's giveaway to win a custom built t-shirt from Vintage Style Me and to my complete surprise I won! I was so happy and thought it was such a nice giveaway, perfect in time for Christmas. I chose the forest green colour with a cat pocket and am delighted with the result, they have a great range of choices which you can have a browse at here.
 The lovely wrapped package came perfectly in time on Christmas Eve, so I was able to incorporate the t-shirt into my outfit today. I was even treated to a £5 voucher and gorgeous postcard from Paige's illustrations.
Thanks so much to both Paige and Vintage Style Me's Rhiannon and I hope you all have a very festive Christmas.
Bethan x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Style Icon #6: The Virgin Suicides

Three ways to describe their style: Ethereal, Elegant, Feminine

Having been in love with the book for so many years I finally got round to watching The Virgin Suicides film. The styling was spot on to how the girls are described in the book and so their weird and wonderful style is my inspiration for the week. I think their quirky and unusual ways was portrayed really well from book to film, which is such a rare thing these days!

My own little collection of Virgin Suicide type pieces

Get the Virgin Suicides look

Bethan x

Thursday, 13 December 2012

D.I.Y Mermaid Tail

Last weekend I went to a boat party with an amazing nautical based theme. I was really excited to make my outfit  rather than buy it as I hadn't had a little DIY project for a long time. So anyway I became a mermaid by wearing a very shiny tail and so I thought I would share how I made it, as it was a lot easier than I thought (even with my terrible sewing skills).

What you'll need

Ω 1x pair of coloured or patterned leggings
Ω About a meter of material, preferably a bit stretchy
Ω Needle and thread
Ω Scissors
Ω Tea, biscuits, music and a little bit of patience

Ω Start by cutting up the seams of the inside legs of the leggings. Do this on both sides right the way around and then turn the leggings inside out.

Ω Next cut your material in half and pin one half to the front of the leggings. Right from the crotch to the end of the leggings, so it creates a panel.

Ω Start sewing the panel in, I pulled the stitching really tight in order to get a ruched effect, but whether you want to do so is up to you!

Ω Do exactly the same on the other side and make sure they are even in length.

Ω Now you should have something very mermaidish and tail like! I chose to style the tail high waisted, as that is my personal style but you can style it however you wish.

Ω  Add some accessories such as a shell bra, pearls and gems to complete the look.

I hope you enjoyed this mermaid post and I hope you attend some lovely fancy dress parties this Christmas!

Bethan x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

OOTD: Brambles & Berries

Berry head garland~99p store / Black sheer dress~H&M~£19.99 / Patent shoes~Topshop~£30

I haven't done an outfit post for aggeess, so I decided it was about time to do another one. I have been wearing this H&M dress a lot recently. I really love the length and the material and it is great for events and festivities. This garland/wreath type thing I got in the 99p store today and decided to use it as head wear ,I think it looks really Christmassy and reminds me of log cabins and red robins. I want to get more Christmas decorations and use them as accessories! 

Bethan x

Friday, 7 December 2012

Weekly Style Icon #5: GIRLS


Ok, so Tuesday's style icon may have gone out of the window this week due to having soo much uni work. So instead here is a huge bumper icon post on the four lovely characters from the HBO series GIRLS. I love this programme, it is full of humour, wit, style and things that everyone can relate to. I cannot wait for the second series, if you haven't seen the trailer yet you can do so here.  I have done a separate 'get the look' for each character and all the items are based on individual shops I think the Girls would suit.

Three ways to describe Hannah Horvath style: Colourful, Young, Thrifty
Hannah's style shop: H&M

Yellow Cardigan~£7.99 / Striped skirt~£12.99 / Black top~£7.99 / Black bag~£19.99

Three ways to describe Jessa Johansson style:Vintage, Elegant, Eccentric
Jessa's style shop: Topshop

Kimono~£45 / Blue top~£28 / Burgundy lipstick~£8 / Gold ring~£5 / Gold braclet~£12.50

Three ways to describe Marni Michaels style: Feminine, Classy, Figure hugging
Marni's style shop: Dorothy Perkins

Three ways to describe Shoshanna Shapiro's style: Girly, Bright, Fun
Shoshanna's style shop: New Look

Aztec top~£14.99 / Blue skirt~£12.99 / Blue heels~£19.99 / Rose braclets~£5.99

Who's style is your favourite? 
Who will be next weeks icon at number #6.....

Bethan x

All images found using Google.

Top 5: Winter handbag essentials

My handbag is always full of so many bits and bobs it is ridiculous! At this time of year, normally at the beginning of December I have a sort out of my mess to make sure I have some absolute essentials in there to survive the season.

001. Note book- A little notepad and pen is always great to carry around to make lists for presents, food, clothes, memories etc. I know we have apps for this these days but I still love to carry around the real thing as I think it always comes in handy.

002. Hand cream- The cold can cause really dry skin, especially to our hands. I have taken to carrying around this Kiehl's ultimate strength hand salve in a sample size. I think small bottled products are always great because they take up little room and do the job well.

003. Vaseline- Similarly to our hands, lips get dry and chapped too in the cold. Lipsalves, chapsticks etc are perfect for this and I tend to just have a cheap old Vaseline as it is compact and works really well.

004. Nail varnish- If you are like me and can't bare the sight of having unpainted nails then carrying around a polish is always a good plan. I like to have a more dark shade of nail at this time of year so a green, navy or black is usually thrown into my bag.

005. Tissues-Probably the most important! You never know when you will catch a cold or need to sort out your lipstick etc. A mini Kleenex packet

Bethan x