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Thursday, 13 December 2012

D.I.Y Mermaid Tail

Last weekend I went to a boat party with an amazing nautical based theme. I was really excited to make my outfit  rather than buy it as I hadn't had a little DIY project for a long time. So anyway I became a mermaid by wearing a very shiny tail and so I thought I would share how I made it, as it was a lot easier than I thought (even with my terrible sewing skills).

What you'll need

Ω 1x pair of coloured or patterned leggings
Ω About a meter of material, preferably a bit stretchy
Ω Needle and thread
Ω Scissors
Ω Tea, biscuits, music and a little bit of patience

Ω Start by cutting up the seams of the inside legs of the leggings. Do this on both sides right the way around and then turn the leggings inside out.

Ω Next cut your material in half and pin one half to the front of the leggings. Right from the crotch to the end of the leggings, so it creates a panel.

Ω Start sewing the panel in, I pulled the stitching really tight in order to get a ruched effect, but whether you want to do so is up to you!

Ω Do exactly the same on the other side and make sure they are even in length.

Ω Now you should have something very mermaidish and tail like! I chose to style the tail high waisted, as that is my personal style but you can style it however you wish.

Ω  Add some accessories such as a shell bra, pearls and gems to complete the look.

I hope you enjoyed this mermaid post and I hope you attend some lovely fancy dress parties this Christmas!

Bethan x

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