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Friday, 7 December 2012

Top 5: Winter handbag essentials

My handbag is always full of so many bits and bobs it is ridiculous! At this time of year, normally at the beginning of December I have a sort out of my mess to make sure I have some absolute essentials in there to survive the season.

001. Note book- A little notepad and pen is always great to carry around to make lists for presents, food, clothes, memories etc. I know we have apps for this these days but I still love to carry around the real thing as I think it always comes in handy.

002. Hand cream- The cold can cause really dry skin, especially to our hands. I have taken to carrying around this Kiehl's ultimate strength hand salve in a sample size. I think small bottled products are always great because they take up little room and do the job well.

003. Vaseline- Similarly to our hands, lips get dry and chapped too in the cold. Lipsalves, chapsticks etc are perfect for this and I tend to just have a cheap old Vaseline as it is compact and works really well.

004. Nail varnish- If you are like me and can't bare the sight of having unpainted nails then carrying around a polish is always a good plan. I like to have a more dark shade of nail at this time of year so a green, navy or black is usually thrown into my bag.

005. Tissues-Probably the most important! You never know when you will catch a cold or need to sort out your lipstick etc. A mini Kleenex packet

Bethan x

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