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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Orange Solstice

Hat~Ebay/ Dress~ Beyond Retro/ Shoes~Topshop/Tights~Primark

Hello Darlings,

Summer has finally arrived here in England and after days being smothered in humidity and cheeky rain showers, the bright and breezy days we longed for are here. I decided to mark the occasion by wearing my new vintage dress from Beyond Retro. I felt its bright, floral appearance mimicked the forecast and its magical puffy sleeves helped me gain a spring in my step. 

I am really thinking about booking a holiday soon, maybe to the hot springs in Turkey or to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. All I know is I will be glad to have a break from my incredibly early morning shifts and take some time to write and relax. 

Do any of you have any exciting adventures planned for the summer? 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Electric Blue & Milky White

Hat~Ebay/ Sunglassess~Primark/Dress~ Beyond Retro

Happy Monday lovely readers,

Velvet has always been my favourite fabric, no matter the colour or garment, there is something about it that makes me feel good. I love this dress I am wearing, as most of you will know by now I have a really big thing for lace. When I saw the collar and cuffs poking out from a jumble of clothes on a coat hanger, I knew I had to have it.
This hat stays very near to me on sunny days, it is the perfect way to stay cool in the heat and I love its old fashioned nature.
This weather is really making me want to go on a cheeky little holiday, preferably just a week or so in Europe. If you guys have any suggestions on beautiful cities to visit, then please let me know.

Have a glorious week and speak soon

Monday, 2 June 2014

May Pole Dance In June

Headcrown ~Roses & Clementines/ Dress~ Primark/Shoes~Topshop

Hello Sweets,
So we have rolled into June, with a few sunny days and a lot of asking how this year is going so quickly. I feel like I didn't do enough May outfits this year and so I am making up for it with this May-Pole-Dance inspired outfit.
My beautiful new floral crown is from one of my favourite online shops, Roses & Clementines and I am just so in love with it. I got a custom order, so it was just perfect. The little strawberries and red berries are just so sweet and makes me dream of childhood picnics and jam sandwiches.
I really liked this dress when I saw it in Primark, I'm not sure if the shape suits my body type but I thought it would be a nice white summer dress to easily pop on. The little inserts are my favourite part and it was also nice to buy something with a high collar, an unusual choice for me.
I have nearly finished all my exams at work, so in a few weeks I will be a fully trained health care consultant, I can't wait.

Have a lovely week :)