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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Orange Solstice

Hat~Ebay/ Dress~ Beyond Retro/ Shoes~Topshop/Tights~Primark

Hello Darlings,

Summer has finally arrived here in England and after days being smothered in humidity and cheeky rain showers, the bright and breezy days we longed for are here. I decided to mark the occasion by wearing my new vintage dress from Beyond Retro. I felt its bright, floral appearance mimicked the forecast and its magical puffy sleeves helped me gain a spring in my step. 

I am really thinking about booking a holiday soon, maybe to the hot springs in Turkey or to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. All I know is I will be glad to have a break from my incredibly early morning shifts and take some time to write and relax. 

Do any of you have any exciting adventures planned for the summer? 


  1. I just love your blog and gorgeous style. This outfit and the setting are wonderful, and you are such a beauty! <3 xoxo

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos! You look so pretty and the location is just ever so picturesque <3

  3. Gorgeous colours! You should so go and see the northern lights! I've been dying to do that for ages, looks amazing xx

    Hips Like Cinderella

  4. omg this outfit is sooo cute!!! Of course you should come to Turkey, my country :)
    but not hot springs it's for older people but maybe Bodrum or Olympos. The reasons why you should: 1)cheap 2)near blue sea 3)peaceful 4)not so touristic but if you insist on hot springs, go to Pamukkale ;₺

  5. Your peach dress is very pretty! It even matches the roses.

    What's Turkey like in the summer?

    I might be going on a trip to Hawaii this year. My boyfriend won a trip--so it's a special treat!

  6. This dress is SO beautiful *sigh*