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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Wheat Fields & PVC Pink

Jumper~Topshop (Sale)/Skirt~Topshop(Sale)/Bag~River Island/Shoes & Socks ~Topshop

Hello my loves,
Having taken a well needed holiday from work I was finally able to take a little trip to visit my parents in Devon. I am always amazed at the difference between the countryside and city life and having flicked between the both for the past five or so years, I have become accustom to loving them both.
So I picked my most pink and girly outfit to go running through fields and pose by my dream car. I was trying to channel a sort of Legally Blonde vibe, as I re watched the film recently and fell back in love with Elle's style. I just love her over the top, yet care free outfits.
I delved into the sales recently, it seems everywhere has such pretty things at a fraction of the original price. Topshop I was especially pleased with and the majority of my outfit stemmed from the reduced racks. This fluffy bag is so much fun and I will be doing a DIY post soon on how to create your own replica of this River Island one.
This summer I plan to wear many more ensembles in just one colour, I think it is my new found hobby,

Did anyone else get any bargains in the high street sales?


  1. That skirt is amazing and I love your bag! You have great taste. <3 xoxo

  2. Hi Bethan,
    I could sit here and look at these photos for ages - they are so, so beautiful! I love the outfit too, especially matched with the lovely Figaro - also my dream car! Well done on the sale, I'm yet to get the chance to take a look, I hope I can still find something!
    I feel the same about the countryside and the city, I feel I can't stay in one for too long without seeing the other. I'm actaully off to cornwall in the next half an hour! So sadly I need to drag myself away from your photos, by the way are the photos by your sister?
    Emma Xx

    1. Awww Emma, thank you as always for your kind comments. Yes the car really is a dream isn't it. My sister normally takes my pictures, but these were actually half done by my best friend and the other half by my mum :) xx

  3. That skirt is so dreamy, and I totally get the Legally Blonde vibe. So pretty!

    xox Sammi

  4. Such pretty shots! I love this outfit, and how cool is that car!? Alex

  5. Oh Beth! these photographs are so beautiful! Your outfit is so pretty, I like how you are channeling a bit of Elle ;) :Legally Blonde is an awesome film :D and also that car is the cutest too! :D

  6. this is so beautiful! all the pictures are so dreamy and the outfit is fantastic! xx

  7. What beautiful scenery! And I love the idea of creating an outfit all in different shades of the same colour :)

    Heidi x

  8. I love this outfit its so feminine!! :)