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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

DIY: Fluffy Bag

Hello sweets, another little DIY for you today. I am a lover of all things fluffy, especially when it comes to accessories and so I decided to try making something of my own. I am also hoping to decorate my socks and earrings in the near future, but for now here is how I made this bag covered in fluff stuff :)
What You Need:
-Small, nice shaped bag 
-Metre or so of fluff
-Glue Gun
-Pom Poms, or other decorations
-Draw stripes with the glue gun down one side of the bag.
-Press the fluff down, following the zig-zag pattern of the glue
-Cut the fluff in place, when one side has been covered
-Repeat on the other side
-Glue along the remaining unfluffed up parts of the bag and add any sort of decoration you like. I chose pom poms because I think they went together with the overall look of the bag,
Now you should have a very fluffy and very sweet little bag, to pop in your essentials on the last remaining summer days.
I will be posting lots more soon, I have just had lots and lots of busy times the past few weeks. But will be back on track ever so soon.

Lots of Love


  1. That bag would've made my day when I was little, so damn cute! x

  2. oh my gosh! Wow! this looks fanastic :D you are so talented Beth :D

    1. Thanks so much my lovely, your blog is beaut as always xx

  3. Omg, I adore this! The pom poms are the perfect addition and that glitter handle is rad. <3 xoxo

    1. Thanks sweet, I want to decorate everything with pom poms at the moments, so cute xx