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Friday, 30 November 2012

GHOST Moonlight launch and review

 I went to the launch of the new GHOST fragrance Moonlight on Wednesday for the magazine. It was on the eve of the full moon which was lovely and symbolic of the new fragrance and new lunar eclipse. The room smelt wonderful and was beautifully decorated with large spherical moon shaped lights and dozens of small flowers. An excellent and informative presentation was given about the GHOST brand and two stunning models swanned around giving free samples to the guests. You can read my full review and see more images on The Upcoming website here.

Beautiful perfume woman, loved her makeup!

We got a complimentary 50ml bottle which I was really chuffed with. I have always liked GHOST fragrances as I feel they are very feminine yet powerful. I had a little spray and I think Moonlight smells amazing. I love the purple colour and the way that one spritz lasts all day. Although it is subtle with jasmine, ginger and white chocolate scents it is a very mystical and unusual smell that adds to the magic of the title. I would definitely recommend buying yourselves a bottle when it comes out in February 2013.

Bethan x

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tuesday's Style Icon #4: Allison Harvard

Allison Harvard #4

Three ways to describe her style: Victorian, Quirky, Doll like

Allison was my absolute favourite on America's next top model. I love how she brought her own style to the competition and her individual look and characteristics are what make her such an interesting model. I really admire her style and every garment she wears seems to be one of a kind. 

Get the Allison look

Pastel striped dress~Asos Marketplace~£50
Suede wedges~Office~£40
Red lipstick~Maxfactor~£6.99

Lace blouse~Chelsea Girl~£25
Pleated skirt~Topshop~£36
Black heels~New Look~£19.99
Red ear bowler hat~MissGuided~£14.99

Favourite ever look

Remember to check out next week for number #5

Bethan x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Night Sky Nails: Tutorial

I haven't got the longest of nails but I was soo happy with these moon and stars inspired night nails. My lovely nail art friend did them for me and I thought I would share the tutorial incase you wanted to try these out fro yourself!
Products Used 

Beauty Uk ~Blue Moon~£2.49/ Barry M~Navy~£2.99/Models Own~White nail art pen~£6.00

Step 1: Give a double coat of the light blue shade onto both hands. Making sure you create a nice smooth and thick base to work on. 

Step 2: Next cut out a bit of sponge and paint a splodge of the light blue colour, followed by the darker colour which should overlap the lighter shade slightly. This will be to create to the fade out sky look. Then use this sponge to dab the tips of your fingers, with the darker side at the very end.

Step 3: Use the nail art pen to create the moon and stars shapes across your nails. Disperse these as much as you wish. You could even add some little gems to add to the sparkle. Then you should have something that looks a little like this.....

Bethan x

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Xmas Party Outfit Blogger Challenge

There's nothing I love more than a festive related challenge and this one from Fashion Vouchers seemed like a really fun one to do. The challenge was to select a brand from the list on their website and create an amazing  Xmas party outfit for £100 or under! Any blogger can enter and the prize is a £100 voucher from your chosen merchant.

I chose New Look as I knew that they would have some nice bits and bobs that weren't expensive and the collection would co-ordinate well with each other.

Arrow earrings~£6.99 / Wedge boots~£14.99 /  Velvet skater dress~£11.99 
Total~ £62.93!

I think the black & gold combo give it a more Christmassy feel and always looks simple but elegant. I love anything velvet so the skater dress was a clear choice and I think the sparkly polish and triangle earrings give it a nice retro twist.

. The challenge is still open until December 17th 2012 and you can take part and enter by looking at the details here.

Bethan x 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tuesday's Style Icon #3: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung #3

Three ways to describe her style: Tailored, Sleek,Neutral

I guess an obvious choice to most but Alexa Chung really is one of the most stylish women out there. With a palette that consists mainly of blue, black and white, she manages to create such an appealing and adaptable wearability to clothes. What I would do to have a sneak peek in her wardrobe!

Get the Chung look

Black blazer~H&M~£19.99
Velvet black shorts~Topshop~£32
Black spotty top~Debenhams~£22
Cross necklace~Topshop~£12.50
Black boots~Office~£63

 Floral pencil skirt~Next~£28
Black jumper~Je t'aime jane~£(unsure)

Blue peter pan collar dress~Etsy~£60

Favourite ever look

Who will be #4 next tuesday....?

Bethan x 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Outfit post: Tartan in the wind

Tartan dress~eBay~£8
Peter Pan crochet collar~eBay~£2.50

I went for a lovely windy, autumn walk yesterday. The light at this time of year is so lovely I just had to have some pictures in my new tartan dress. I cut it very badly as you can see, because it had been down to my ankles before. Oh well, I will hem it soon and then be able to wear it properly. I teamed with this lovely detachable peter pan collar from eBay. I love how it seems to go with just about anything and I would definitely recommend buying  into the collar trend.

Bethan x

Friday, 16 November 2012

Top 5: Autumn colour dresses for pale skin

Wine Velvet Peter Pan Collar dress~ Topshop~£39
Green lace skater dress~New Look~£24.99
Black bodycon dress~River Island~£32
Tartan skater dress~Tiger Milly~£34.95
Lowie mustard shirt dress~Asos~£65

If you're like me and your skin is practically translucent it is often hard to not fade away into the cool air in Autumn. It is often difficult to know what colours to wear when you have fair skin and to not look totally washed out. I tend to wear a mixture of shades that aren't overly bright, in a palette of mostly green, blue, red and black. I think everyone suits black and it is often seen as a safe colour for the majority. However I think yellow in a more mustardy shade can also really suit woman with pale skin. The only colours I would stay really clear of is orange and purple! Maybe it's just me but they have never ever suited me, no matter what tone or shade I tried on. But here are a few highstreet gems I think would be worth a purchase for Autumn.

If you have any other colour suggestions please let me know!

Bethan x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tuesday's style icon #2: Anna Karina

Anna Karina #2

 Three ways to describe her style: Classy, Feminine, Chic

Quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the world, Anna Karina is my second style icon. Her signature fringe, glorious dresses and ability to make everything look effortless are just some of the reasons for her influence on my style. She even makes drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette look amazing. If only we could put on our eyeliner flicks and peter pan collars and look as glamorous.

Get the Karina look 

Blue bow~eBay~£1.50
White fur collar~eBay~£4.99
Blue bodycon dress~Topshop~£24

Tartan trousers~River Island~£15
Military jacket~Topshop~£48

Peter pan button dress~Mod Dolly~£23

Favourite ever look 

Who will be in store next week.....

Bethan x

Monday, 12 November 2012

My favourite winter item: The Beret

Winter is fast approaching and it is almost time to start layering up. I will be rummaging around to try and find matching gloves and woolly jumpers.I love this season, despite the cold and wet days it is actually the best time of year to express your style. My favourite and must have item for winter is hats, my head gets so bloody cold and my hair doesn't keep my ears warm enough etc etc. And so for me the most useful, adaptable and all round great hat is a beret. I have been buying them for years and have a collection of colours and I think they are just fantastic and go with everything. I don't think there will ever be a time when a beret isn't contemporary or complimentary. I can't seem to take mine off! Great investment.

Black Beret ~ Accessorize~ £14

Bethan x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Top 5: Underwear

Black velvet cut out body~Topshop~£35
Light green soft bra~H&M~£7.99
Retro style paneled briefs~Asos Marketplace~£23
Navy sheer floral briefs~New Look~£2.99
Handmade floral bra~Malomyszka (Etsy)~£16

I chose these top five underwear based on a few things. Aesthetics, comfort and cost. I also checked the availability of the items and if they ship to the UK etc. I love underwear that's floral, hence that 3/5 of the pieces are smothered in flowers. Black underwear is a must have for anyone and I love Topshop's take on the body suit/leotard, velvet and backless are two words that will always make my heart melt. Etsy is always really great for getting handcrafted, unique items, I spent hours searching for the perfect bra and the halter neck one (shown above) I fell in love with. All of the underwear featured are made with comfortable and smooth fabrics that won't cause you to itch or readjust yourself every few minutes. 

Always buy underwear for yourself, if you think something will make you feel it!

Bethan x

Beauty and Makeup bargain buys under £10

Something a bit different today, I have been wanting to get into reviewing some products and getting a better feel of what is available in high street shops at a decent price. I am one of those girls that will keep buying the same product if I love it and has to try hard to find certain products that compliment my dry and very pale skin. So I made a video on some of the best inexpensive products that I use that are actually really great, sort  of a review but it is more to give you guys tips on how to shop wisely in an ever growing beauty market.

Items reviewed:
Smokey eyes kit~Benefit
Queen of hearts red lipstick~Collection 2000
Black liquid eyeliner~Collection 2000
Vanilla body mist~The Body Shop
My big break purple lipstick~OPI
24 hour false lash effect mascara~Maxfactor
Oatmeal body lotion~Aveeno (not featured in picture)

I can safely say I bought all of these products for under £10 and they are long lasting and well worth a bargain purchase. For the full reviews and just general ramblings you can watch the video below...

Happy shopping

Bethan x

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tuesday's style icon #1: Kate Bush

Here is a new little feature on my blog. Every Tuesday I will choose someone who's style I admire and who I get my inspiration from. Plus I will be adding some 'get the look' type extras and reasons why these people are just so great!

Kate Bush #1 

Three ways to describe her style : Innovative, Eccentric, Fashion-forward

Kate Bush has always been ahead of her time, her crazy,unique and beautiful fashion sense has made her an icon of mine since I was about 6. She is fearless, always contemporary, independent and admirable and I am so happy to have her up as the first style icon.

Get the Bush look

White lace dress~Topshop~£50
Khaki shirt~eBay~£11.97
Corduroy shorts~River Island~£15
Frill neck silk dress~Urban Outfitters~£325 (Well one can dream)

Favourite Ever Look

Stay tuned for next week's icon....

Bethan x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Outfit Post: Cocktail party

My best friend is turning 22 on the 7th and is having a fancy cocktail shindig, so I have been trying to find the perfect outfit to celebrate his good ole birthday. I chose green in the end, same old same old. I feel safe in green and with travelling up North to the venue, I feel I want to look the part whilst staying true to my style and comfort level.

Green turban~ eBay
Green Vintage velvet dress~ Rokit
Black tights~Primark
Black patent shoes~Topshop

I really wasn't sure about purchasing a turban before, but I have really grown to love my new buy. I took this picture in the greenest corner of my room, I think I am trying to turn in to my iguana. The vintage dress is a bit big on me so I am using a belt in the photo, it is also backless with shoulder pads and the most comfortable vintage dress I currently own. 
I will hopefully achieve some nice pictures with everyone from the party and can post them up soon. 

Bethan x