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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Xmas Party Outfit Blogger Challenge

There's nothing I love more than a festive related challenge and this one from Fashion Vouchers seemed like a really fun one to do. The challenge was to select a brand from the list on their website and create an amazing  Xmas party outfit for £100 or under! Any blogger can enter and the prize is a £100 voucher from your chosen merchant.

I chose New Look as I knew that they would have some nice bits and bobs that weren't expensive and the collection would co-ordinate well with each other.

Arrow earrings~£6.99 / Wedge boots~£14.99 /  Velvet skater dress~£11.99 
Total~ £62.93!

I think the black & gold combo give it a more Christmassy feel and always looks simple but elegant. I love anything velvet so the skater dress was a clear choice and I think the sparkly polish and triangle earrings give it a nice retro twist.

. The challenge is still open until December 17th 2012 and you can take part and enter by looking at the details here.

Bethan x 

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