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Sunday, 8 October 2017

October Floral

Beret~Vintage/ Dress~Urban Outfitters/ Necklace ~Good Looking Objects

Happy weekend my sweets, a pretty damp one over here in Devon- but a lovely one none the less.

I've just been busying myself with bits and bobs over the past week or so, my boyfriend is over in Morocco sunning himself and going to markets for a couple of weeks- so I have all of this free time to spare. I've even booked myself up to start a beginners yoga course, these limbs won't stretch themselves and I thought it was about time I did a little more exercise before cosy Christmassy nights in are every evening I will have until I come out of hibernation in February.

This lovely dress I picked up from Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks back, has definitely been my transitional dress into the Autumn season. As most of you will know I am a huge floral fan and this long, dark dress with an old-fashioned flowery print, is my excuse to wear the theme all year round. Red is very much a trend this season, and as it is one of my favourite colours to wear anyway, I plan on wearing a lot more of it as these cooler weeks go on.

Oh, how I love to watch all of the leaves turn golden and enjoy all of the pumpkins and Halloween snippet bits coming into every shop I enter. I still don't have any costume ideas for this year yet, but if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

Lots of love always

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Harvest Festival

Top~Primark/ Dress~Warehouse/ Necklace~ Good Looking Objects/ Shoes~Asos/ Bag~Vintage

Hello there loves, October is here and all the best vegetables have arrived. Everything is ripening and being picked in all of the beautiful colours that Autumn has to offer.

After being in Bulgaria last week, still soaking up the last of the European sun and relaxing, it was actually a nice surprise to come back to that crisp cool air that greets you after the equinox and into the depths of Autumn. That's not to say I didn't enjoy my hols, because it was definitely a much needed break and Bulgaria is a beautiful and vibrant country. 

Whilst desperately rushing around trying to get a snap near some pumpkins on Sunday afternoon, with the rain never ceasing to a halt and me wishing I had worn my big stompy boots, we stumbled across this perfect setting. Hidden in a polytunnel with tomatoes, raspberries and old sunflowers, was this table brimming with pumpkins and marrows of every shape and colour possible. It reminded me of the Harvest festival that was held once a year in my primary school-ever so nostalgic! We felt as if it had been put there just for the occasion, wishful  thinking of course, but a lovelu coincidence none the less. 
I also managed to gather some dull pink hydraneas, which I popped in my basket and are now hung up to dry in my room. It's the small pleasures at the weekend like this that make all the hard work in the week pay off.

How has your October been so far?

Lots of love always

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Autumn Is Coming

Beret~Vintage/ Blouse~Zara/ Skirt~H&M/ Necklace~C/O Good Looking Objects

Hello my sweets and a very warm welcome to September....well not so warm if you live in England, but more on that later.

September has always been the month I have enjoyed the most, May and March come pretty close, but this month always seems to top them all. I love the change in season, how the trees turn into wonderful autumnal shades, beautiful root vegetables come into season and there is still enough warmth in the air to hang your washing out. Unfortunately, so far this month the weather has been pretty awful here, very windy and rainy, but hey ho- you've just got to make the most of the sunny patches.

My eyes had been on this Zara blouse for a pretty long time, I kept seeing it crop up on Instagram and I even bypassed it in store a couple of times, uming and ahhing over it and deciding whether to wait until pay day or not. Luckily enough, by the time I got my mitts on it, it was already in the sale and I couldn't have been more chuffed.
I also got a very exciting new piece of jewelry to add to my collection this month, a very sweet gift from one of my new favourite brands Good Looking Objects. This little bronze hand has been the cherry on top of my outfits recently and I love how it goes with every single thing I pop on. Its witchy vibes are also a huge plus for me.

I am off to Bulgaria on Saturday, I am so so excited to go somewhere completely new and different. A week to relax in the sunshine like a reptile and climb some mountains. I am sure I will have a whole album of pictures to show you on my return.

Lots of love always

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Pagan Poetry

Hello loves,

Every so often these days I find myself dreaming of a much more simple lifestyle. One in which looking at my phone as soon as I open my eyes is much less important than looking out of the window and sniffing the air, as it switches from summer to the beginning scents of autumn.
A couple of weeks ago when my mother and I took these pictures in a wheat field, with the wind blowing in our hair and the view of the moors against the mustard shades of the crops, it made me remember just how important little moments like those are,amongst the hustle and bustle of the lives we lead.
This cotton dress has never made me feel more free, I felt like a Pagan bride with my bunch of hand-picked flowers and bare feet. If I ever was to get married, it would definitely be outdoors.

My best friend and I are trying to book a holiday for September, somewhere to celebrate our 23rd year of friendship. Where we can drink wine, sit in the warmth and reminisce over the best memories we have shared and all the new ones that are to follow. If you have any ideas or experiences around Europe that you would like to share, I would love to hear.

Lots of love always

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Crimson & Hydrangeas

A big warm welcome to August, with a big basket of hydrangeas and a very, very greasy fringe (my apologies). This time of year my hair just seems to love to stick to my face.

Another few weeks have passed and it seems that life is continuing on the up and up. The fields are growing crops quicker by the day and despite the on and off rain, the vibe around seems positive and bright.

I picked up this red number in New Look of all places, not my usual stop-off point when I'm having a good old shop, but I thought I would have a browse- Oh, boy am I glad I did.
It was on an ever so warm day and I was desperately, clanging through the rails looking for something less clammy and heavy to wear than the leather jacket and jeans I was donning on that day. This crimson treat caught my eye and low and behold it was also in the sale, a very sweet treat. It has all the feels of a vintage piece, but with as couple more buttons and a cheeky slit up the side. Paired with my favourite beret, I went off to pick some wild flowers with my mum.

I need to actually start doing more with all of the dried flowers I have poking out of every crevice in my room.If anyone has any suggestions or DIY ideas then I would love to hear them.

Just a quick post today, as I am about to catch up with the new series of Game Of Thrones- yay!

I have an updated room tour post/ video in the pipeline, so hopefully that will be up soon :)

Lots of love always