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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Harvest Festival

Top~Primark/ Dress~Warehouse/ Necklace~ Good Looking Objects/ Shoes~Asos/ Bag~Vintage

Hello there loves, October is here and all the best vegetables have arrived. Everything is ripening and being picked in all of the beautiful colours that Autumn has to offer.

After being in Bulgaria last week, still soaking up the last of the European sun and relaxing, it was actually a nice surprise to come back to that crisp cool air that greets you after the equinox and into the depths of Autumn. That's not to say I didn't enjoy my hols, because it was definitely a much needed break and Bulgaria is a beautiful and vibrant country. 

Whilst desperately rushing around trying to get a snap near some pumpkins on Sunday afternoon, with the rain never ceasing to a halt and me wishing I had worn my big stompy boots, we stumbled across this perfect setting. Hidden in a polytunnel with tomatoes, raspberries and old sunflowers, was this table brimming with pumpkins and marrows of every shape and colour possible. It reminded me of the Harvest festival that was held once a year in my primary school-ever so nostalgic! We felt as if it had been put there just for the occasion, wishful  thinking of course, but a lovelu coincidence none the less. 
I also managed to gather some dull pink hydraneas, which I popped in my basket and are now hung up to dry in my room. It's the small pleasures at the weekend like this that make all the hard work in the week pay off.

How has your October been so far?

Lots of love always

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