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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Turning 26~ Belated Edition

Gypsy Top~ Vintage / Dress used as skirt~Beyond Retro

Hello there and Happy Sunday,

It seems all of my posts are a bit belated recently, maybe it is the fact that I have now reached my late twenties- perhaps my mind is going and I am getting increasingly more slow haha. Well at least I hope not.

 Anyway, on the 11th of May I turned 26, an age I never really thought about in terms of how I would see myself by then or how I pictured my situation in general would be. The previous year when I turned 25 I felt that was a large milestone and the whole year was magical for me. I managed to travel to a fair few countries, get a new job, move to Devon and find some new kindred spirits. So as long as this coming year of age is anything in comparison to how the last twelve months have been, then I will be one happy young/old lady.

These flower filled pictures were taken in the most picturesque village of Lustleigh,a few weeks back. It's one of those little quiet places, hidden away, but somehow always manages to win awards for 'Best Town' etc. It really is like a fairy land and I used to spend hours playing by the stream when I was a child.
We went there the day after they had celebrated their May day and every year they cover a large rock and throne with wild and garden flowers and crown a May Queen. We were so thrilled to see that the little chair was still there smothered in petals and I practically leaped up there to sit inside the colourful blossoms.

We also meandered through the old apple orchard and I refused to wear shoes the entire afternoon. It was a very special day to commemorate turning another year older, so let's see what the future will bring for this 26 year old.

Lots of Love always

1 comment:

  1. A lovely outfit and photoshoot!

    Don't worry - I can assure you that you are still very young at 26!!!