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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Marrakech Part One: Jardin Majorelle

Hey loves,
I thought I would do my trip to Marrakech in a few parts, because there are so many pictures you would be scrolling through for days. I managed to narrow it down to my favourite places and favourite snippets, so let's get going.

Before we had even booked our trip and we were still browsing and deciding which destination to choose, the Majorelle gardens popped up as one of the best places to go in Morocco and as soon as we saw the vibrant blue and yellow colours, we were sold.

The gardens were created by Yves Saint Laurent and are situated a little out of the main parts of the bustling city. We did originally try to walk there but we ended up getting very, very lost and hailed a taxi to save us from the heat and our swollen sandle feet.
As we arrived it was as if we'd been transported to a completely different universe, one of tranquility colour and millions of plants and birds. It was literally like going to heaven. We walked around the gardens several times, took a million snaps and videos. Posed infront of cacti and watched turtles swimming amongst the lilypads on the pond.

This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip and although the gardens are relatively small, they are so jam packed with things to see, that you get dizzy in awe of all of the delights.

We got ice-cream, a very popular thing to do in the city and sat on the curb in the sun as we braced ourselves to go back to reality. We took a deep breath and walked back to the Medina, ready for the next part of our adventure.

Part Two coming soon....

Lots of love always

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