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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Daisies & My Dream Dress

Beret~Vintage/ Dress~Mod Dolly

Hey loves and Happy Thursday,

England has been immersed in trickling sunshine this week, as those rays have been hitting the streets like golden ribbons. Everything is in bloom and it's that perfect time in May between Spring and Summer, when everything is colourful and everything is truly alive. Hence why this month will always have the warmest of places in my heart.

Earlier this week I was gifted with the most beautiful of dresses from one of my favourite brands, Mod Dolly. As you know anything floral I am bound to adore and this delightful dress is no exception. The sleeves are ever so whimsical and great for spinning around near a bush in, one of my many favourite past times. I took these pictures whilst in an allotment, I was trying to find some herbs to put on some roast potatoes and saw this marvelous yellow blossom. So after filling my pockets with rosemary and thyme, queue some Simon and Garfunkel... we took some snaps in front of it. I also lay in a bunch of daisies, because they match the dress and hey ho, I am a sucker for blending. I also managed to take some of those home too, to press and dry. The never ending appreciation for flowers eh?

Wishing you all a wonderful upcoming weekend, after all the horribleness that happened earlier this week- I hope everyone is well and let's enjoy the sunshine and look after one another.

Lots of love always

1 comment:

  1. So pretty much 😍
    Beautiful pics and very beautiful Beth! I like so your outfit 👌😍