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Saturday, 1 June 2013

DIY Flower Crown

You will need:
Stemmed Flowers - As many as you wish
A plain headband
Artificial leaves
Smaller flowers 

1. Start by aligning where you would like your larger flowers to go and wrap the stem around the headband. Add as many as you wish until it looks something like the picture below.
 2. Next you want to add the smaller flowers in and around the gaps, using the same technique. Spread them as widely as you want or compress several into the same place. I think it looks nice either way.

3. Lastly wrap the leaves around any gaps left, or if you want to cover up any of the bits you are not completely happy with. This also makes it look lovely and realistic.

And that is about it! I love how easy these are to make and also how sweet they make an outfit look. I got pretty much all of my bits to make the crown on ebay, they have a huge array of artificial flowers of all sizes and colours.

What do you guys think and what colours would you choose?

Oh also it is the last day to enter my giveaway, the winner will be decided tomorrow evening at complete random. So if you haven't already entered you can do so here. 


  1. So pretty--I love the colors you chose! I would probably do this with blue roses. Those have always been my favorite kind of roses!

  2. I've been making flower crowns too for my online shop. Yours is pretty :). Here is my post showing the ones that I have made x

  3. Flower crowns are up for sale now if you want to check them out :). xx

  4. such a great post! it is a lovely flower crown :D xx

  5. This is actually the most perfectly timed post ever! I'm making a flower crown for my garden party, and even though I was going to use real flowers, with this post I might be persuaded.
    Lovely, lovely blog on the whole xx

  6. Such a great idea, I would have to make one with daisies!
    xo Natasha

  7. Such a gorgeous crown! The little flowers are a great touch.
    I was going to make one like this with very similar red flowers from Hobbycraft as I loved the colour, but they're just too big for my head. Where did you get the little yellow flowers from as they would definitely work? xx

    1. Thank you so much! I got my little flowers from ebay, they have a lot of different sizes and colours. They are pretty cheap as well which is great :) xx

    2. Ah fantastic thank you! xx

  8. Hi! I've nominated you for the Leibster Award, go to my blog to see the details :)

  9. Looks great! Very creative :) I adore these flower crowns at the moment!

    Sarah xx

  10. very pretty, great tutorial. love your style and blog too! followed on GFC and it would be awesome if you could check out my blog sometime. maybe follow back (?) if you like it.


  11. Really pretty! Thank you for following my blog x

  12. Love it, I've been looking for a good tutorial for ages!

    I really like your blog, such a good read and so many pretty DIY's.


  13. Ah this is wonderful Bethan, so glad I dropped by!
    Love Rachael