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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Pineapples And Buttercups

Earrings-New Look
Bag- H&M

Hello my loves. I wore this outfit a few days ago, when the weather was a bit more friendly and I couldn't wait to share the brightest most yellow outfit I have ever worn. I still can't decide if all that yellow goes together, or if I just look like a long tub of margarine!
I hadn't been into good old Primark for a while and when I spotted this lovely detailed number I just had to snap it up. I love the collar and shape of the dress, it is just so pretty and for £22, I couldn't resist. My pineapple bag is also a recent purchase, again a little gem that caught my eye immediately. I have been trying to fill it with lots of sweet things, to match its aesthetic. Continuing with my love and build up of flower crowns I got this lovely white headband from blogger Galaxy Caramel 69, she has a lot of really nice headbands for sale over on her blog here, if you would like to grab one for yourself.

I get my degree results tomorrow, which is a bit scary! I get to see if three years of hard work has paid off, let's hope so.

 What do you think of wearing block colours? How much is too much?


  1. I love all the yellow in that outfit! I don't know if you watch Psych or not, but they have a hidden pineapple in every episode--so that purse made me think of it. One time I think the hidden pineapple was a purse...or a totebag or something. the purse :)

  2. I think all yellow looks lovely, so summery! That bag is brilliant too! X

  3. The crown is lovely on you. I'm glad you liked it :)! X

  4. you look so sweet here <3 :) aw! amazing dress !

  5. This is super cute, i love it!! :D

  6. This outfit is so, so pretty,
    I love your dress, your shoes
    and that amazing floral crown.
    I also love your bag, I always wanted
    to buy it when I saw it at H&M, but I never
    did. This was so stupid because it looks so
    cute. Especially in the way you've styled it. ;)

  7. pretty dress, I like the bag :)

  8. Such a gorgeous shade - I love yellow tones, they look beautiful with your hair! ^.^ Best of luck for your degree grades!!

  9. Looking super fabulous.. All you need is a stylish pair of sunglasses for women with this outfit, and you would be out of this world.. :) XOXO

  10. oh what a lovely dress! Such a pretty colour and shape too :D really suits you XD xx

  11. love your blog dear!
    could you please check out mine? would be an honour!!
    thank you!

  12. After seeing this outfit on your instagram I immediately fell in love. From the yellow dress, and then the pineapple bag which is the cherry on top (or should I say pineapple on top, oh well, it's all fruit I suppose!). I love matching colours, everyone always comments on how I stick to one colour, or always have matching shoes to my flower crown and my dress, so I say yes to block colours! :D

  13. Truly fab outfit,lovely sunglasses and awesome designer footwear!!!

  14. I like the two shades of yellow together! Your pineapple bag is absolutely adorable and so is your little yellow dress.

  15. Everything about this outfit is perfect! You look like you're from a storybook ^^

    All the best
    xx Kate
    (hope you follow back on Bloglovin, since GFC is going away)

  16. Such a cute little dress. :D Love it.

    Your latest follower on Bloglovin' and GFC, Lauren x

  17. so pretty! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  18. I LOVE novelty bags!!!! So cute!
    Your dress is also beautiful, I adore that soft yellow :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog too x

  19. Fab outfit! Xxx Hey sweetie, thanks for following me on gfc, I would love it if you could follow me on bloglovin xxx

  20. This pineapple bag is to die for! So so cute!

    Xo, Hannah

  21. This outfit is PERFECT. I love pineapple-themed things, and novelty things in general. I also love the colors of this look!

  22. Oh my goodness, I am so glad you stopped by my blog so that I could find yours! You have incredible style. This may sound kind of weird, but I love your name- it is the name I used for the main character in a book I wrote and I've never met anyone with it in real life. Following via Bloglovin' <3 Alex