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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Blue dress and a basket of flowers

Dress~Vintage Style Me/ Bird necklace~Dorothy Perkins/ Socks~Primark/ Shoes~Topshop  

Hey lovelies! I am visiting my parents in Devon for the week and it is actually sunny. I couldn't believe my eyes when I hopped off the train and I was surrounded by warm air, for the first time in sooo long.
I finally got to wear my new dress from Vintage Style Me, I love everything they have and I often try to purchase an item on my pay days. I really love the collar/bib detail and the colour is such a nice blue. It is also the perfect length for summer days and I love how floaty and comfortable it is.
The flowers are handpicked from the garden, that's something I really miss about living in London, not having a place to grow pretty petals. I went a bit mad and we began running out of baskets and vases to put all of the flowers in.
I also had a really amazing lunch, which included salad, cashew and banana bread and a cheeky midday Mojito. I love eating outside in the summer. The week has been a really lovely break from the city so far, but I do miss London already.

I am still holding a giveaway which you can enter here as there is a basket of goodies to be won!


  1. Gorgeous dress, love the details! Enjoy the sunshine :)

  2. Gorgeous! Blue is definitely your colour x

  3. Wonderful :) Love your hair!

  4. That dress is so pretty! and I love the shoes you paired it with!

  5. gorgeous dress! I adore your long hair :D xx

  6. @Bethan
    Blue is my all time favourite colour

    Following you on Bloglovin & Google Conect too :)

    Thanks :)

  7. your style is truly so perfect

  8. The dress looks gorgeous on you! Xx

  9. Such a pretty Dress. The food looks so nice and healthy too

    Carrieanne x

  10. Those Topshop shoes are so cute! Also love the shape of your dress and the bib on it too. Have a lovely time in Devon :) x

  11. Your dress is honestly perfection! <3 I'm so smitten with the collar - what a beauty!

    Lost in the Haze

  12. I just have to let you know that I LOVE your blog name!

    Jodie xo
    What Would Audrey Wear?

  13. Wow, perhaps I should get up the courage to wear a similar vintage dress of mine on an ordinary day, you pull it off so well. So far I only break it out for Linda hop dances but you never know... :) nothing like a cheeky cocktail ;)
    Love you hair too, is it naturally curly?

  14. Hello,you're so cute! I love that dress I'm enjoy reading your blog.. It's pretty cool stuff you have here. I've following you and I hope you return the favor (:

    You deserve more followers! Keep it up! (: xx

  15. Sweet look, and blog! Mind to follow each other? Let me know.

    Hope to hear from you soon. xx

  16. Hi, I've been following you for a while and I Just wanted to let you know that I've 'nominated' you for the Liebster Award because I love your blog :) You can check my blog out for details, it'd be great if you could continue this (but its okay if you don't want to!) x