Tuesday, 14 May 2013

OOTD:Polka Dot Sailor

Hat~ebay/Two piece~ebay/Tights~Primark/Shoes~Office

Hello lovely readers!

Oh why all of this rain? I just want a few days of warmth, so my clothes can dry and little freckles pop up on people's cheeks. I took these snaps above on one of the sunnier days this month and was unsure for ages on how to style the little nautical outfit. I purchased it on ebay, I just happened to stumble across it and fell in love. I was so scared it wasn't going to fit and I would look like an adult child and a bit ridiculous, but I decided to go for it anyway. For this reason I was a bit apprehensive about posting the outfit, but having turned twenty two a few days ago, I felt it best to just go all out on my outfits whilst I am still young. I've decided to just embrace being this age and being able to wear what I really like and hopefully not be judged.

I love the little details on the top and anything with polka dots makes me smile. The shoes I got from Office, in the sale, they are suede and really comfy and I am finding myself pairing them with a lot of my clothes.

Hoping everybody is well and I have a couple of beauty related type posts coming up, just to mix it up a little bit.


  1. This two piece is amazing! You look so cute ahah :)

  2. I want your hat! You look so lovely!

  3. aw wow! this looks so adorable! I love it :D xx

  4. I LOOOVE this! And the hat is just fantastic!


  5. Your style is really incredible-I love everything about this

  6. So cute! Who cares that its a young outfit, it looks good :P

  7. This outfit is adorable!! x


  8. This outfit is absolutely adorable!
    Thanks so much for following and introducing me to your wonderful blog, I'm absolutely in love with your style! x


  9. Sailor chic, polka dots, red and white, hat... there is everything that I love in this outfit :D
    Have a nice day, kisses :*

  10. Thank you for the follow, so happy to have found your blog! Following. This look is so retro and gorgeous x


  11. This looks ever so gorgeous on you! Suits you so well :)
    Elle xo

  12. I loved your style!!
    Maybe you can visit mine it's about fashion, lifestyle in my natal city and more.. hope you like it

    follow me back I'm your new follower :))

  13. Really cute outfit! I love the polka dots and the lace. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Blue Roses

  14. These matching separates are so incredibly cute! I really can't get over that look lately, so I'm absolutely in love with this outfit.


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