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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Resolutions and the first outfit of the year

Red Velvet dress~Vintage~£7.50
Flower headwear~Topshop ~£2.50 (Sale)

I wore this outfit on New year's day as I felt it's a bit crazy and would be perfect to start 2013 in an ankle length velvet dress! I love long dresses at the moment, this one especially makes me want to run through a field and watch a medieval film. I really like the high neck lace trim and detail on the cuffs, it was under £10 and for a vintage gem I was very happy with this ruby find.


The phrase 'new year,new you' always comes about at the beginning of January and this year instead of creating a whole new self I am just going to try and work on the old me. I chose things this year that I hope I can actually accomplish. University assignments are killing me at the moment, so I think simpler goals are what I need for the upcoming busy months.

I hope you've had a lovely start to the new year!

Bethan x


  1. What great choices!
    Also your photos are stunning

  2. Love this! You look gorgeous. I have a film recommendation. The Virgin Spring. It's beautiful.

  3. what an amazing outfit to start the new year off in. The lace detailing is so cute. And what a bargain x

  4. I love your outfit!!
    Have nominated you for a Liebster award!
    Take care :)

  5. The vintage dress is beautiful, a perfect colour on you!

    Hattie xo

  6. Stunning dress! Great resolutions too :) especially getting a kitten!

  7. You are so beautiful! I love the way your pale skin contrasts with the rich red velvet... not to mention your gorgeous hair! The 60's/70's style really suits you. You remind me a bit of a mix between Kate Bush and Aimee from The Bright Twins, but still very unique!
    Also, glad to know you're also a fan of The Virgin Suicides - I loved both the film and the book. ^^ :)xx