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Monday, 21 March 2016

Boy Scouts

Hat~Vintage/ Dress~Asos/ Shoes~Office

Well hello there lovelies!

Wow, well that was a long long break...nearly 6 months I believe. Time really does fly:)
I won't go into all of the reasons as to why I had a lil cheeky vacation from blogging and instead I will say let's look onwards and upwards.
This Asos dress I scavenged in the sale a month or so ago, I love the cross-stitch detail and the fit is tight but still comfortable. It isn't often I wear all black, but with the weird weather so far in 6, it has been a colour I have been embracing a lot.
Anyway, here is to the beginning of a new chapter, which is technically where I left off. It is Spring after all.

Lots of Love


  1. Wow, this look is stunning! I've been really obsessed with searching vintage boy & girl scout stuff on Ebay and I'm loving that magnificent beret. <3

  2. Great to see you back again. I love seeing your outfits and this one really suits you.

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