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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Brighton Weekend

Dress~Beyond Retro/ Flower Crown~Roses & Clementines/ Shoes~Primark

As much as I love London, sometimes all the hustle and bustle gets a bit too much. So, this weekend my sister and I took a little trip to Brighton. We stayed with one of my closest friends and had a lovely time doing touristic things in the seaside city. I love that Brighton is only an hour away, yet so different to the big city. It's full of beautiful little shops, restaurants and generally more friendly people. 

I wore this bright red ensemble, as the weather was humid and I felt like getting my Sound of Music vibes on. I love spinning in this dress and just generally frolicking around in it!

We enjoyed sipping on shakes and getting chips on the pier and it was the perfect weekend getaway!

I cannot believe it's May soon, only a few weeks until my birthday now :)



  1. Oh Bethan, these photos are so stunning. You look so lovely in this dress. I love brighton too. It's so quirky and fun with amazing vintage shops.

    Emma Xx

    1. I knew you'd love it there! Hope you are ok xx

  2. Aww fab photos Bethany! You look amazing :D


  3. what a lovely post! ^-^

    also I was wondering, could you recommend a few places worth visiting in Brighton? I will be visiting this July, and I'm curious what places, shops, restaurants are there ^-^

    All the best xx

    1. Sure! If you give me your email I will send you a little list of things that are really worth doing there :) It's lovely there and I hope you have a lovely time xx

    2. oh, that would be super nice of you, thank you! : )
      it's ^-^