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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Weekend Cycle

Dress~Beyond Retro/ Jelly Shoes~Primark/Bike~Halfords

Hello my loves, hope you are all having a lovely weekend. 
Finally I managed to go for a cycle today on my beautiful bike I got for Christmas. I had been walking past it in my bathroom for months and felt really sad that I couldn't ride it earlier, due to the typical British weather. So I was chuffed to bits that I could cycle through the town to my sister's, helmet and knee pads intact ( I am ridiculously accident prone). It felt great to have the wind in my hair and all of my worldly possessions in one wicker basket.
I also did a spot of shopping this morning and managed to pick up this cute as a button blue dress from Beyond Retro. With its layers of frills and pastel like coat I feel like it's a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Belle from Beauty and The Beast. I was also pleased to find these sparkly little Jelly numbers, they were only £4 as well, good old Primark.
I decided to try my hand at editing my pictures a bit more this time, so please excuse if some of them are a bit off colour and don't quite match. But hopefully it's something I can improve on.  

Hope you have all had a lovely week, will be doing a blog sale very soon so will let you know about that as soon as I have photographed my baskets of garments.

How are you spending your weekend?


  1. cute bike : )

  2. THAT bike!! THAT DRESS! it's so soooo lovely. I'd love a bike like that with a little basket! I'm glad you're using it! would be a shame for it to sit like that all the time....but with the weather it's so hard.

    Fabulous little gem you picked up at beyond retro!! xxx

  3. That bike is awesome! I love going for bike rides when it's warm out. It's so liberating! And that dress is so pretty! I love the pretty lace detail on the skirt. :)

  4. You're a very beautiful lady, with a gorgeous dress to match :3

  5. those photos are perfect, the brick wall, that alice in wonderland dress, you look stunning! one of my favorite fashion post so far

  6. lovely photos Beth, that dress is adorable!
    I spent my weekend celebrating my 6 month anniversary with the bf so we went for a meal and then been at work today :)
    hope you enjoyed your weekend :D

  7. Your pairing of that dress with the black tights = over the moon adorable! Alex

  8. Wow your jellies are amazing and the price makes it extra amazing! Definitely a lovely outfit for a nice day out with your incredibly cute bike! <3

  9. So lovely style! I like your vintage Helena