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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Brighton Blue

Hello darlings!

Hope you are all well and felt the Spring weather slowly creeping into our weekend. I had a lovely weekend in Brighton, by the seaside and all the cute shops and wonderful people. It was the perfect amount of sunny to get my sunglasses out and not look silly and also to parade down the pier in this vintage bridesmaid dress from Beyond Retro (more on this in a little bit). I tasted the best noodles I have ever had, which were situated on a petite stall towards the end of the pier. I managed to fight my cravings of doughnuts and candyfloss and get something slightly more savory and delicious.
I found the Beyond Retro store in one of the side streets, a huge kitted out warehouse filled with everything a vintage loving girl could wish for. I had been to the shop in London several times, but found I much prefer the Brighton set up. I found this delightful little white dress which I am wearing and also a beautiful camel coat with fur collar, which I am completely thrilled with. Those who follow me on instagram will have probably already seen it.
I just love how colourful and kooky Brighton is and I must visit more often, as I had such a lovely time. I have no excuse either, as it is only an hour away from my London home and cheap as chips if you book a few days in advance.

Enough rambling, Speak soon and lots of love


  1. Love this outfit! such a pretty backdrop as well :D

  2. awh you are so beautiful! I love the location and your hair looks so pretty curled! Love your blog...<3

  3. So pretty! The sunglasses, the bridesmaids dress, the shoes and socks, this outfit is perfection in my books!

  4. This is so pretty! I love the bright blue behind the dress and I love that purse and the shoes. The socks are such a cute touch as well. That town sounds perfect for me. I love seaside towns with little shops and whatnot. It's the perfect place to spend a nice, warm day.

  5. ahhh your style is so good....beautiful and delicate nymphet dress! i guess i'm your new follower! <3

    my cute weirdoland -

  6. Very beautiful dress!
    great post.
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  7. Wow! Stunning dress :)
    And lovely blog,