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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Soap and bath bomb making

For a while now I have been making my own soap and bath bombs. This is mainly because I love making them smell exactly right and decorating them, any excuse to go to a craft shop really! Also my skin is terrible, it reacts to anything and so I try to use ingredients and scents that wont make my frail skin react.

I made this tutorial on youtube a while ago on bath bomb making and you can read my step by step guide on the magazine website  here. I have had a few requests on a soap tutorial as well, so when I am a bit less busy with uni and the like then I will get down to making one.

I am hoping this can become more of a business/ job type thing rather than a hobby. I am planning to get the health and safety certificate very soon, so I can sell my soapy treats at a Christmas market. No idea if it will be to anyone's taste but my own, but we shall see.

 Here are some that I made for my boyfriend's sister's birthday. And I put them in this lovely box, purchased on eBay. 

I do hope this little project of mine can become something and that I can always smell like fragrance oil and soap suds for years to come!

Bethan x

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