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Friday, 6 July 2012

Top 5: Mad Men Style Dresses

So, having been obsessed with Mad Men for the last few years and watching the popularity of the show bring back 50's fashion has been great.

 I decided to create a little collage of my favourite Mad men inspired frocks. Sourced mostly from the high street, these should be mostly in budget, with maybe one cheeky expensive one that we can only admire and never afford.

1. Green Short Sleeved Vintage Dress, Beyond Retro, £44.00
2. Retro Tie Collar Dress, Forever 21, £19.75
3. Vintage Style Skater Dress, Very, £22.00
4. Floral 50's Dress, French Connection, £125.00
5. Autumn Meadow Frill Dress, TopShop, £50.00

I just adore the shape of these dresses, so flattering for your figure-helping to pinch in at the waist. Also they are fitting for each season and will last in terms of style, for years to come.

Bethan x

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