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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Witch In The Wind

Dress~H&M/ Shoes~Topshop

Hey lovelies!

Okay okay I know Halloween was nearly a week ago, but here is my belated witchy vibe post. I hardly ever wear such dark ensembles but, as it was the time of the season I thought I would go all out. 

Off on a mission to see some wild ponies, I went up to the moors
 to watch my dress float in the wind and feel some spooky vibes.
To my very joy, we found some magnificent horses, a whole family of them
 it was so nice to be silent on a hill with them all.

Being up so high and amongst nature, made me discover where I want to go on my next adventure:
I have always wanted to see the Northern lights and find more quiet and unruined parts of the world- which are getting more and more rare.
 I think it will be the perfect place to get back to basics and fulfill a big dream of mine.

This year is almost over and it has been a real whirlwind, never knowing what is around the next corner. I love surprises but for the new year I think I should be a little more organised haha.

Lots of Love always

1 comment:

  1. I like your dress and your autumnal photo shoot (I hope that you didn't get cold!)

    The scenery reminds me of Exmoor.

    I do hope that you get to see Iceland. The scenery is dramatic - especially the volcanic areas.