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Monday, 26 May 2014

Dried Flower Crown: A Bank Holiday DIY

Hello my loves,
From a very young age I have been in love with dried flowers. I used to pick numerous bunches of dandelions and daisies and press them in between my heaviest books, when I was at school,as this was before I got my vintage flower press. I had gathered such an array of different dried out bits and pieces, that I decided to make the most of the three day weekend and create something with them. I couldn't think of anything more perfect than a flower crown, just in time for summer. It is really easy peasy to make and this is how I did it... 

What You Need:
Dried & Pressed flowers
Thick Headband
Glue Gun
Step one
Separate out the leaves, ferns, gourse etc into a pile. Start by gluing the leaves all over the band, until covered. This will be the base of the crown, for you to build on. You can start adding bits of fern and bracken, making sure it is cut to size and fits with the base of the band. 
Step Two
The next bit is to gather all the pressed, smaller or flatter flowers and start gluing them on top of the base. Try and layer them from the bottom and work your way up into the middle of the crown, on both sides. 
Step Three
Lastly bring together all of the dried larger flowers, especially buds. Making sure you leave a little of the stalk to help support the flower, glue towards the ends and the middle of the crown. Try to make sure that everything is dispersed and you are happy with the compilation. 
Hopefully after a while of adding, cutting, gluing and more adding, you should have your very own dried flower crown. Keep in a dry place and wear whenever and with whatever you want :)

If anyone has any questions about drying or pressing flowers, please let me know. 
What flowers would you use to make a crown?

Lots of Love


  1. What a fun project- it looks beautiful! Alex

  2. This is one of the loveliest and most colorful crowns I've seen. <3 You did a wonderful job of it! xoxo

  3. oh my god this is so beautiful! I love flower crowns and love the idea of using dried flowers. Such a lovely post!