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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Gingham, Organza, Rosebuds & Lace

Headband~Topshop/Top~The Real McCoy/Skirt~Matalan/Shoes~Office

Hello sweeties,

Oh my what a lovely week it has been. I started off the week feeling groggy and unwell, picking up a sick note from the Doctor and climbing into fresh sheets, with snacks and a bottle of water to hand. However, by Wednesday my energy had rejuvenated and I was really in the mood for a big Spring clean. Meaning I bagged up all the clothes I haven't worn for a few months, photographed them and will be putting them up in a blog sale in the next few days. 
I hadn't really felt myself the past week or so, due to illness and the like, so I decided to dress up in an outfit that made me feel like me again (hence the bundle of images above).
How sweet is this skirt from Matalan? The gingham print and panel of organza is just so pretty and I love the length. I love having a good look around Matalan, especially the Home section, but when I spotted this pinky delight I skipped right up to the tills to purchase it. I think it is going to be one of my statement wardrobe pieces this summer. 

What item is going to be essential to you in the coming warmer season?


  1. Omg Beth, your eyes man! <3 so pretty! I love these photos :D


  2. you look beautiful! so fresh and pretty!

  3. I simply adore this skirt! I've seen a few girls with it and I adore it's style. I just don't know where the nearest Matalan is to me! hmmm...

    Hoping you're feeling better, being ill sucks. But climbing into the sheets is needed once in a while. Get well soon.

    great shots xxxx

  4. love this! hope you feel better x

  5. Love the outfit Bethan :) I've been feeling a bit poorly too recently, I think there must be a bug going around. Also, I've just nominated you at the Company Blog Awards, so best of luck :)

    Heidi x

  6. I love absolutely everything about this!! You are amazing at eye liner, the flower crown is beautiful, and that skirt... don't even get me started!!!

    Lost in the Haze